David R Guerin

Unmanned aircraft / 

Remotely piloted aircraft systems:

Safety and ATM integration consultant

Experience areas

Over 30 years in ATM. Past experience:

ATC Australia (Sydney, Cairns, Gold Coast, Brisbane) and Ireland (Dublin).

Senior ATS Specialist Australia

Technical Expert Unmanned Aircraft: German Aerospace Centre

Unmanned aircraft systems /Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Expertise in integration into the air traffic management system

Broad knowledge of regulations

Safety risk management experience across all facets of ATM.

Consulting and research

Decades of experience as a volunteer research expert at the international level  with a focus on Australia, Africa and Europe.

Consultant with the World Bank

Safety and regulatory technical adviser to the World Bank

Assisting in the implementation of a BVLOS cargo drone competition based in Mwanza Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Conventional and progressive risk based approach

The safety risk management for the flying is run in parallel: a conventional ICAO SMS based application supported by a progressive (JARUS, EASA) risk-based, operation centric, world leading approach.

Publications | Studies

'Consideration of wake turbulence during the integration of RPAS into the ATM system';

Published paper: The last decade has witnessed both the growth in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) numbers and the introduction of the Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft to enter commercial service. Both introduce extremes at either end of the spectrum for weight and wingspan: into an Air Traffic Management (ATM) System where wake vortex separation minima have been unchanged for three decades. However, airport congestion may compel a rethink, and the mandated separation distances in place for wake turbulence are under scrutiny. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) will inject yet another permutation into deliberations for separation standards and wake turbulence considerations.

Co-author: Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in agriculture: regulations and good practices.



Agriculture is predicted to be the second largest user of drones in the world in the next 5 years (2016). Drones continue to be used in various aspect within agriculture – such as cropping, early warning systems, monitoring plants, pests control, animal tracking, forest and environmental monitoring, for example. Important nomenclature, the move towards a risk-based safety approach, and airspace and its regulatory framework, are discussed; along with regulations from ICAO and other regulatory bodies, while a comparison is made with conventional (piloted) aircraft in agriculture. Next, the potentials and challenges of unmanned aircraft in agriculture are considered with the introduction of several case studies and an examination of noteworthy regulations across African and finally the impact of regulations on UAS in agriculture concludes this study.

Co-author.Guidance note: managing the risks of unmanned aircraft operations in development projects.


From an origin in military and security applications, the use of unmanned aircraft (UA) technology is currently transforming commercial and humanitarian activity. Its evolution started many decades ago, but was limited by the technology of the time; in recent years, advances in this area have facilitated an increasingly rapid expansion of UA technology that has started to move into a variety of sectors. As the societal benefits of UA become clearer, organisations across the commercial and government spectrum seek to exploit the technology to improve their business models and offer a safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional data-capture methods.

Expected 2019: Graduate Diploma of Aviation (Human Factors)

I fund and champion the Global Drone Regulations Database.

The Global Drone Regulations Database: I regularly update this world-leading catalogue of drone regulations per country around the globe, for use by humanitarian aid groups, for improvements in lifestyle and health, and for general good: https://www.droneregulations.info/

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